OBi1000 Series IP Phones

All the features you need - at the right price
Obi1000 IP Phones

Features like placing calls on hold, transferring callers to internal extensions and conferencing are easy to configure and even easier to use. The line buttons next to the display and on the right side of the phone body allow simple programming. There has never been a better time to place your old analog PBX into retirement.

All versions of the OBi1000 Series Phones combine physical acoustics and digital conversion of audio to provide high definition voice communications. Every element of the design has been fine tuned to produce a crystal clear VoIP experience. The always-on diagnostics enable VoIP2Go support staff to troubleshoot any potential problems and the remote management capabilities allow for changes to be made via the OBiTALK Cloud Platform.

On the hardware side, the phones have dual ethernet ports that support Power over Ethernet. There is a full-duplex speakerphone and headset support is via an RJ9 port, 3.5mm Jacks (EHS) or Bluetooth. Let's not forget the color display with configurable themes and easy navigation. The OBi1032 supports the OBiWifi and OBiBT add-on USB modules and the OBi1062 has Wifi and Bluetooth built-in.

IP Phones

Of all the IP Phones on the market, the OBi1000 Series are the preferred phones for use with the VoIP2Go phone service. The combination of an extensive feature list at such a reasonable price is really tough to beat. We can help you set them up, we can help you get the most out of them and we can provide you with the support you need to keep your phone service running smoothly 24/7/365.